innovate &delight

Hello! I'm Paula, an experience & visual communication designer. 

I’m ready to help visualize ideas converting them into exciting and meaningful experiences, whether digital or non-digital. Passionate about exploring and thinking possible answers & scenarios to simplify life.

I aim to interpret needs and reorganize connections to make it flow & work better.

Skills & abilities


Naturally curious. Wanted to discover more, about people, stakeholders, brands and on. Interpreting humans, reading situations & finding opportunities areas. Pas­sion for exp­loration and know­ledge acqu­isit­ion.

Creative Content Strategy

Driving ideas through a creative and strategic perspective, aligning inspiration, business objectives and fresh insights into powerful and clear experiences.

UI & Interaction Design

Through interaction people get involved on a deeper level, participating rather than just observing. Turning contact points between humans and interfaces into magical connections.

Multimedia Content

Creating reactive audiovisual content, where detailed selections, symbolic editions and meaningful combinations flow along with the audio & audience.

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