I'm Paula

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been creating ~things~ with old pictures, porcelain, paint, found items, magazines, flowers and so on. Exploring other ways of perceiving materials and objects. Thinking of plans how I could make it work to match with the person that was going to use it or receive it.
Years later, I realised I had always been designing things for people. I was hoping to finish High School to start studying  Visual Communication Design at the University. So I did. I enjoyed every class until I graduated. I became so passionate about interaction design that I started to study Multimedia Design.
Then I’ve been involved into User Experience Design, finding out that even the invisible actions could be designed to engage, guide and delight. To make life easier, useful and also to create unforgettable experiences.
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In 2019 with a group of enthusiastic designers, we hosted the first edition of the Global Service Jam in the city (La Plata, Buenos Aires)
A unique and enriching event where sharing, exploring and connecting were the fundamental pillars of the three day experience.
Here is the recap of what we did.

The product's visual design is a translation of the brand's language to the interactive digital world

UX shapes a positive brand experience:
UTILITY (Product is useful)
USABILITY (Easy to use)
DESIRABILITY (Extra value)
BRAND EXPERIENCE (Love the brand)
“Attractive things work better… When you wash and wax a car, it drives better, doesn’t it? Or at least feels like it does”.
Don Norman
Co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group
Former VP of Research at Apple
Author of The Design of Everyday Thing
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