Creating the identity of Vleed

a digital-industrial band based in Tokyo, Japan

2019. Naming. Logo. Multimedial identity. Promotional artwork. Videoclip recording & edition

The main challenge was to capture the essential concept, the soul of the band, and turn it into something physical. A new sound that inaugurates a new genre, where industrial, alternative, environmental music is mixed together, creating this digital-experience sound.

To create the visual representation of this sound, I listened the songs over and over in different scenarios and I tried to imagine the textures, colors, sensations and on. The inner self of sound.

The Corner Of Nothing – album cover

It had to be mysterious, wet, rusty, suspicious, authentic, dark, futuristic-apocalyptic. From a parallel reality. The album cover is based on an analog photo that I took in Tokyo that captured the true essence.

corner of nothing vinyl
edition artwork
Recurso 4